Our laser is a 40w CO2 laser from Full Spectrum Engineering and it can cut and etch wood, paper, textiles, leather, and some plastics.  It cannot cut metal.

3d Printer

A Maker Architect 3d printer from, our 3d printer will create digitally designed objects from PLA plastic.  Future possible upgrades include a heated build plate (allows ABS plastic prints) and a dual print head (allows two colours or two materials printed at the same time).

Manual (pdf) for the Maker Architect is available for download.


We provide a complete soldering workstation, with solder, wick, and associated tools.

And more..

Additional tools will be acquired based on interest and demand.  Potential items include a vacuum table for plastics work, a spin caster for working with acrylic resin, a small CNC mill for making small objects and circuit boards, wood working tools, metal working tools, and large area laser and CNC machines.

Our Tools

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